اليوم الجمعة 15 يناير 2021 - 3:11 مساءً

Rules and conditions of writing in the newspaper

It is forbidden to publish these topics via elmithaq as follows: –

1- Subjects that are partially or totally transferred from any other site.

2- Content-poor subjects that contain less than 4 lines of writing + 5 pictures for subjects of pictures only 3- Topics that violate Islamic law and the approach of the Sunnis and the community.

4-On the violence or provoke sedition or contain rumors and false or false news.

5 – Topics that have a thrill and suspense that contain phrases such as (Urgent _ Scandal in pictures _ read the incident _ exclusive and only us) .

6 – Topics that are exaggerated in the coordination and decoration in Texts and images –

7-where writing is preferred by default font and color and resort to coordination only when necessary – 8-Topics that are written in an inappropriate classification or non-expressive image or inappropriate tags.

9 – Promotional topics for sites or other products.

10 – Themes of movies, songs and outgoing pictures.

11-The topics of the media and videos are from the official channels only (and prevents the placement of any video from the channel encrypted) such as the channel of the day and the island of sports.

12 – The topics of the videos must not contain any scenes of violence or any inappropriate content.